ILC China Test Cryomodule Development
  • Introduction

To develop the SRF Cryomodule design and manufacture technology in China, a collaboration group between IHEP (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and TIPC (Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences) was set up last October.
     They work on the Cryomodule structure design, fluid and temperature field simulation, mechanical and thermal stress simulation, input coupler design, tuner design, 3D engineering drawing, cost estimation and etc.
     Their first goal is to finish a integrated design of so called "China Test Cryomodule", which serves for the operation of a 9-cell superconducting cavity. The group will join the international collaboration on the ILC Cryomodule design very soon. They wish to do some contributions to the ILC Cryomodule development.

  • Research Status
Structure of the ILC China Test Cryomodule
              Thermal displacement of the 2K system                         Temperature distribution of the 4 K shield
  • Group Meeting

The group members include professors, doctors, engineers, graduate students and etc. Their majors cover the cryogenics, accelerator and mechanics. We hold monthly meetings in IHEP from September 2006.