• The 294th Perfume Mountain Science Meeting (Dec. 5-7, 2006, Beijing)

What is the Role of China Confronted with the International Linear Collider (ILC), a Large Scientific International Collaboration Project



 The 294th Perfume Mountain Science Meeting with the subject of the role of China in the International Linear Collider (ILC) collaboration world wide was held on Dec. 5-7, 2007, Beijing. Prof. Y.P. Guang, Prof. H.S. Chen, Prof. J.E. Chen, and Prof. S.Y. Chen were invited as the chair persons of this three days meeting. Forty five participants from institutes, universities, and industry of mainland China and Taiwan joined this meeting with three sub-subjects under discussions: ILC related particle physics and experiments, detector technologies, and superconducting accelerating technologies. Totally there were 20 talks on the status review of the ILC collaboration world wide, progresses in ILC related particle physics and experiments, detector and accelerator physics and technology developments in China. After three days discussion on the role of ILC to the understanding of the physical world, and the related Hi-Technologies, which are very useful for China in its sustainable development, participants concluded unanimously that:

    1. ILC has the potential to answer the very important fundamental questions in physics.
    2. Accelerator and detector technologies are Hi-technology concentrated, many of them          could     be used in other Chinese large science projects in the future, and they are the          motor for the     development of Chinese relevant industries.
    3. ILC is a excellent platform of education. China’s active participation to ILC collaboration         could help to train high level scientists and engineers capable for international         collaboration     and good for training high level leading scientists.
    4. China should play an important role in the ILC collaboration as an active partner.

      Actually, the ILC collaboration investment from the country is relative week compared with other Asian countries like Japan and Korea. ILC needs China, but China needs ILC as well. Even the host country and the constructing time have not been decided, it is very urgent for China to catch up the historical opportunity to start as soon as possible in early ILC related R&D collaboration.
    The New York Times on 5 December 2006 reported this meeting in an article entitled “China Pursues Major Role in Particle Physics”.

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  • ILC - Asia (China, Japan, Korea)  meeting was held at IHEP on Jan. 16, 2006